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Promotional video from farmgate to charities

Darryl Anderson
by Darryl Anderson
27th March 2014

Our client: Foodbank Australia www.foodbank.org.au

Video is a highly emotive medium that can effectively engage people in ways text cannot.

Anvil Media recently produced a promotional video for Foodbank Australia, a charitable organisation that’s affectionately known as the ‘pantry of the welfare sector’.

Foodbank Australia is a not-for-profit food rescue organisation that collects about 30 million kg of food each year and distributes it to about 2500 charities around Australia.

Foodbank Australia has a huge need for staple foods, such as breakfast cereals, bread and pasta. Manufacturers have always been extremely generous with these products, but the demand for charitable assistance exceeds supply.

To overcome that problem, one Foodbank Australia program draws on the generosity of farmers to increase the supply of staple foods.

The Foodbank Grain Donation Program was launched nationally in 2013 after a successful pilot program in Western Australia.

Australian grain growers can donate grain through their local bulk handlers into Foodbank Australia’s grain account, and one of the participating food processors will process it into staple foods required by Foodbank Australia’s charity partners.

Anvil Media produced a promotional video for Foodbank Australia’s Egg Program in 2013, funded by the Australian Egg Corporation Limited. With its strong experience in communicating to rural audiences, Anvil Media naturally wanted to help Foodbank Australia issue a similar call to primary producers for assistance.

Business and Communications Manager for Foodbank Australia, Sarah Pennell, recalls that working with Anvil Media on the promotional video was an easy process.

“Darryl seemed to know us—and our needs—so quickly. Rather than being just a service provider, he was immediately part of our team, advising us on how best to tell our story,” Sarah said.

Anvil Media filmed the video on location in Parkes, NSW, and in Sydney (a charity partner in Parramatta and a food processing partner in Enfield, Weston Milling).

So what did Sarah think when she saw the finished video?

“It’s fantastic! So professional! It really tells the story and it has the kind of emotional pull that we know will lead to action. Farmers have huge hearts, and when they are shown how easy it is to help out, we know they’ll respond. It’s great.”

Foodbank Australia is using the video on its corporate website and YouTube channel, and refers to it in all outbound communications. Sarah is also seeking partners to show the video at farm conferences and share it in communications to grain growers, bulk handlers and others involved in the grains industry.

“We are fortunate to have GrainCorp and Grain Trade Australia on board, to champion the grain donation program, and we’ll approach other partners in the grain industry to help us spread the message now that we have this powerful tool,” Sarah said.

“You can have text. You can have images on your website. You can tweet and so forth. But video is king when it comes to conveying an emotional message at the same time as showing people just how easy it is to help.”

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