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Finding truth in the GMO debate

by Croydon2132
03rd September 2018

From an anti-GMO activist to a keen advocate and international campaigner for GMO use in agriculture. Author and environmental campaigner Mark Lynas joins The Anvil to discuss why scientific literacy is important in the GM cropping debate.

“In the mid-to-late 1990’s I was involved in campaigning against GMOs, even going to the extent of destroying them in test fields,” he said.

“Through working on climate change and becoming close with the scientific community, I realised that it was not based on any real scientific evidence, so I’ve sort of reversed my position.”

Mr Lyras said the negatives of GMOs are mostly in terms of public perception, with science making it clear that that the health impacts are non-existent.

“Studies around the world show that insecticide rates have declined to 30 to 40 per cent now on GMO as opposed to non-GMO crops and to me that’s something to celebrate as an environmentalist,” Mr Lynas said.

The Anvil is a video series that brings together influential figures and thought-provoking conversation. Each episode explores a current issue or topic relating to the agricultural industry or wider Australian industries.

The Anvil episode one features Richard Heath from Australian Farm Institute and is available here.


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