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Web video tells the story of CostaExchange’s state-of-the-art Blush Tomato glasshouse facility

Melbourne based fresh food producer CostaExchange recently launched a new website which included a section promoting their Blush® Tomato range. As part of this, the company was looking for a visual communication piece that would inform and educate customers and stakeholders about the company, what it does and particularly describe the new state-of-the-art glasshouse facility in Guyra, Northern NSW.

“We’re one of the largest produce growers in Australia,” said Mim Sapazovski, Marketing Manager with CostaExchange. “We wanted to convey a sense of the scale and nature of our operations in Guyra and video was seen as the most powerful medium to achieve that. We felt it could tell our story in a way copy could not.”

CostaExchange put the job out to tender and Anvil Media was awarded the project.

“A key reason we chose Anvil was their strong experience in working with the produce and horticultural sector,” said Elisa Siliato, Marketing Services Co-ordinator with CostaExchange. “And while we knew in broad terms what we wanted to achieve, we were looking for guidance and direction about the best way to meet those objectives. Straight away the Anvil Media team understood what we wanted and they were able to break the story into pieces so we could begin to see how it would come together.”

The brief required four web videos to be made. The purpose of these was to show the production process, provide a business overview, illustrate the company’s environmental and corporate concern, and also highlight the benefits of the Blush vine ripened tomato.

In pre-shoot phone conference sessions with CostaExchange and the Blush Tomato team, Anvil Media listened to the company’s needs and advised on how cost effectively the web-video could be produced. Anvil Media also provided ideas on how the finished videos could be used to help market Blush Tomatoes and CostaExchange.

“We really appreciated Anvil Media’s suggestions for ways we could keep the video production costs down,” said Elisa. “They had some very practical and creative ideas about how we could achieve what we wanted on a limited budget.”

Scripts, graphics, narration and edit were completed in-house at Anvil and the four finished web videos ran between 1’45” and 3’00” in duration.

“The scripts that Anvil Media developed were pretty much on the mark from the very first draft,” said Elisa. “They understood the content and style we were seeking which made the process very efficient.”

The shoot required extensive coverage of plant nursery, vine propagation, commercial production and packing aspects of the tomato operation as well as filming in the local township and environment. All filming was shot in high definition to provide CostaExchange with the highest quality and most versatile medium.

CostaExchange plans to progressively roll out the web videos to complement other marketing activities in the coming year.

Web video“Anvil Media did a great job bringing to life our capabilities,” said Mim. “They brought a high level of expertise to the project and we’re very happy with the result.”

The project was completed on time and on budget.

To find out more about Anvil Media’s expertise in developing video content to suit your organisation’s purpose, contact us.

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