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Web Videos

We offered innovative online video production services well before the days of YouTube. We’re seriously good at producing professional web videos.

Video streaming and social media video sharing has boomed as broadband access has improved.

Effective web video strategy

Companies without an effective web video strategy risk seriously missing out.

Every video can be on the web. But creating videos specifically for web delivery requires a different set of rules.

Your audience is not sitting back. They’re leaning forward with their fingers ready to click, scroll and tap.

Brevity and non-stop engagement are key. Any lapse will lose a large chunk of your audience instantly. It doesn’t matter what content comes next. They’re gone!

You’ve got important things to say. You’re audience may want to hear you. This creates a different relationship between the content and the audience. But that’s no excuse for being dull.

Listen to what our CEO Darryl Anderson has to say about video as part of an effective online strategy.

Grab attention with professional video production

At Anvil Media, we understand the technology of online video production.

As experience communications specialists, we know how to attract and retain an audience.

Our team will help you to develop a web video strategy that:

  • meets your communication objectives
  • motivates your viewers with a clear ‘call to action’.

We’ll guide you on how to maximise the value from your web video project. From the initial video production brief through to video content marketing and optimisation for search engines.

When it comes to specialised web video production services, trust Anvil Media to take your online presence right to the top.

Our experienced web video team is skilled in strategy, concept design, film production and video editing. We can take care of your project, from start to finish.

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