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TV Commercials

Television commercials and corporate videos to engage your target audience

The first step in your TV commercial production is getting the advertising strategy right.

What follows is a measured, creative approach that nails your brand image and project objectives, and aligns with your budget and deadline. To define the strategy behind your TV commercial production, the team at Anvil Media first identify the message, audience, situation and significance of the project.

Guided by this strategic rationale, we develop concepts, select production methods, manage talent, locations and crew, and bring your television advertisements to reality. On time and on budget.

6 steps to producing effective TV commercials and corporate videos

Our TV commercial producers at Anvil Media understand that bringing your message to life from the script to screen is a disciplined process.

A television commercial involves 6 steps:

  1. Defining the strategic direction
  2. Producing a creative concept and script that communicates a clear message
  3. Managing talent and casting – whether on-screen talent or voice talent
  4. Filming and recording
  5. Working to budget and deadline
  6. Post-production work, where your commercial rapidly takes shape with visuals, voice and graphics.

For picture quality that is simply breathtaking, we work with the latest high-definition formats. Since 2000, when we adopted the DVCPRO-50 format (successfully demonstrated at the Sydney Olympics), the range of available formats has exploded. We’ve worked with most of them, have access to all of them, and have our own in-house broadcast camera gear for some of the most successful current formats.

Across the board, we use state of the art technology in our video productions including TV commercial production. We can operate in a very lightweight mode – like a news crew – or bring the full filmmaker’s toolkit to your production: dollies, cranes, green-screen techniques, lighting, and high-calibre audio gear.

And we haven’t skimped on our in-house video editing and post-production facilities. We’ve got the computing power, software and expertise to deliver the highest quality visual effects, 3D animation and motion graphics.

Contact us on 1300 768 101 (local call rate) or  to discuss how Anvil Media’s fresh and innovative TV commercial production, delivered on time and on budget, will help your business make a great impression.

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