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Training Video Production

Workplace training videos are a very cost-effective way to induct new staff or up-skill current employees.

E-learning is a style of training that relies on digital technology and interactivity, integrated with training video productions by Anvil Media.

If you need to train your staff in a technical execution, such as database management, software use or the operation of equipment, an e-learning or training video or DVD can sidestep the expense of face-to-face workshops.

Read our advice about using actors and real staff in training videos.

How training videos work

Whether you are training staff in a business process without the expense of facilitators or offering university students long-distance teaching modules, e-learning and training videos meet the brief efficiently and effectively.

E-learning and training videos draw on the powerful effect of cognitive interaction, which covers our ability to mentally process information through:

  • memory
  • perception
  • imagination
  • reasoning
  • judgment.

With training videos that contain dynamic e-learning features, you can teach your staff or students about complex concepts that would normally consume more resources.

Our training video producers help you convert complex information into simple concepts through dynamic e-learning tools, such as:

  • computer simulations
  • video demonstrations
  • concept mapping
  • model building
  • animated flowcharts and diagrams
  • colour and graphics that support your brand and message
  • aural reinforcement with narration, music and sound effects.

Best use of training videos

Our training video producers can embed a fun and sophisticated level of functionality into training videos for unique target markets that include:

  • tertiary education students who access e-learning modules streamed on the web
  • staff who are learning about operational or administrative processes through training videos
  • executive staff who are being developed in areas of leadership or branding through corporate DVDs.

We call e-learning a ‘planned’ teaching or learning experience. Students walk away from your training video with the ability to remember, implement and connect with the subject.

Custom training video production for businesses in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and beyond

As specialists in corporate video production, we help ensure you generate maximum value from your video. We use delivery formats that allow your audience to interact with your message in different ways and spaces.

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