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Interactive Media

Interactive media is powerful. Presenting effective multimedia will help you:

  • engage users at your website
  • coax a younger generation to play with your brand
  • teach a new subject through a training video
  • educate shareholders in why your business is a good investment through a corporate DVD
  • get your network involved in what you’re doing, to increase loyalty and emotional buy-in.

We create interactive corporate videos that guide your target audience to explore and discover your unique message for themselves.

5 steps in creating an interactive video

Our interactive developers and corporate DVD producers understand the fine interplay between achieving your strategic objectives and creating a strong creative experience that connects with your audience.

We follow 5 key steps to deliver a successful interactive media content:

  1. Understand the brief: who is the target audience? What should they think, feel, and do? Where will they experience the interactive piece or DVD production?
  2. Map out the interactivity: often with a highly specialised development partner who is uniquely skilled to respond to the brief
  3. Craft the content and design: our media content producers cleverly weave together audio, video, photography and text
  4. Test the interactive process: the experience of the user is fully evaluated, meeting stringent standards of quality control by our developers and corporate video producers
  5. Format for your target audience: CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, USB memory drive or streamed for the web.

Give them what they want

When you offer your audience an interactive multimedia experience, you provide them with the creative license to:

  1. skip between content and menus
  2. digest information at their own pace
  3. revisit an earlier message
  4. discover the unique learning style that works best for them
  5. engage in a powerful sensory experience that involves sight, sound and touch.

Producing interactive corporate communication tools is about recognising that your relationship with your audience is a 2-way street, where they have the creative license to play and interact with your message.

5 types of interactive media content

Just as the user drives the interactive experience, your communication strategy drives our creative approach.

Our interactive developers and corporate video producers can guide you in the best execution that delivers your objectives, choosing from:

  • CDs or DVDs
  • websites with high interactive functionality
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • educational multimedia and e-learning for students
  • interactive corporate videos for branding purposes.

Contact us on 1300 768 101 (local call rate) or  to discuss how Anvil Media’s interactive media productions will help your business make a great impression.

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