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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short and simple videos (usually 1–3 minutes long) that introduce a business, product, service or idea. They are often, but not always, animated.

What makes an effective explainer video

If you want to share your story through an explainer video, keep it simple, short and fun.

  • Use a professional – discuss your needs with a professional video producer who understands your business or idea.
  • Keep the script tightly focused – the correct message for your specific audience.
  • Use targeted vocals and music – keep your target audience in mind.
  • Identify with your customer – identify their problem (ask a question that makes them feel concerned), then explain simply why your business, product or service will help solve their problem.
  • End with a straightforward call to action – signup for a free trial or newsletter (posing a call to action as a challenge can be effective).
  • Make it fun but professional – to increase credibility, choose simple and elegant imagery over wacky styles that may misrepresent your brand.
  • If you are presenting a product, show it – simplify the details so it doesn’t detract from your message (use animation or live action scenarios).
  • Make a high quality, professional video – to boost your brand’s credibility.
  • Plan the implementation – create a simple video landing page that focuses viewer attention on the video play button.
  • Optimise the video – complete video SEO to attract organic search traffic, and submit a video sitemap to Google and other search engines.

Our work speaks for itself

We produced a professional explainer video for an Australian Government agency in a very short timeframe for an international audience.

Cyber safety explainer video for PC Tools by Symantec

We can help clarify your product or idea by producing a high quality, professional explainer video that will captivate your audience.

You can use explainer videos for education, corporate communications and thought leadership, as well as marketing and promotion:

  • feature it on your website—create a video landing page on your website to complement your video
  • write about it on your company’s blog
  • upload it to YouTube and optimise it for search engines, like Google
  • share it from your Facebook page
  • post it on your LinkedIn company page
  • link to it from Twitter
  • use it in corporate presentations and meetings
  • run it on video walls at trade shows
  • use it on television or in cinemas.

Eggs and cholesterol explainer video for Australian Egg Corporation Limited

How we produce professional explainer videos

  • Scoping—we work closely with you to scope the project and ensure your explainer video is targeted and engaging. Together, we must clearly define what the video will offer to your intended viewers.
  • Pre-production—we will draft the script, story board, style frames, voice overs and animatics before starting production.
  • Production—we will produce the animation, record the final sound and deliver the final video in your required formats.

Most importantly, we will encourage your input throughout the process to create the best possible explainer video to achieve your communication objectives.

Talk to us

If you are considering an explainer video to promote your product or service, contact us on 1300 768 101 (local call rate) or to discuss your video ideas.


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