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Educational Videos

  • Inspire students by telling them a riveting story through an educational video
  • Teach customers how to use your product through a series of online video tutorials
  • Engage staff as you teach them an important compliance measure in a corporate training DVD
  • Offer professional development opportunities through e-learning videos or DVDs.

Educational videos for students

In educational video production, we take your audience on a journey that makes the learning process fascinating, persuasive, and memorable.

Anvil Media’s media production team draws on many video production tools and techniques, including:

  • animation to give your story personality
  • professional narrative that uses an engaging “storytelling” approach
  • 3D graphics to add life and movement to diagrams
  • stimulating scripts that contain interviews with experts
  • location shooting to vary the context.

For students, educational videos often have one core goal: to impart information through the psychological function of memory. Our corporate video producers use proven learning techniques, such as interactivity, narrative repetition, graphics, animation and 3D modelling, to demystify complex technical or linguistic concepts in plain English and lay terms.

Our educational videos cater for different levels of audience comprehension, including:

  • pre-school
  • primary school
  • secondary school
  • TAFE and tertiary college
  • university undergraduate or post-graduate.

Learning and development are lifelong goals. We make it our mission to deliver sophisticated audio-visual productions that put the fun and excitement back into education.

Training DVDs for staff

Videos about a compliance or work health and safety measure presented in a training DVD can achieve 2 goals: implementation and branding.

Staff need to take home a solid understanding of how to successfully implement the correct safety tactic, compliance measure, or product use.

As professional DVD producers, we also support your company brand image throughout the video.

We reinforce the vision, values, and culture of your organisation in video techniques that include:

  • graphics in your brand colours
  • scriptwriting and narration that authentically reflect your brand style and voice
  • onscreen demonstrations that illustrate how every action taken by staff impacts on brand reputation.

Our training DVDs are designed to influence the way your employees think, feel, and act in relation your brand. Engage your staff with an HD quality audio-visual production that triggers brand loyalty and a high level of staff engagement.

Contact us on 1300 768 101 (local call rate) or  to discuss how Anvil Media’s professional training videos will help your business make a great impression.

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