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Documentary video production

The unique format of documentary filmmaking – a ‘documentation’ of reality – is familiar terrain for Anvil Media’s corporate DVD producers.

Our documentary video production team includes professional journalists.

Anvil Media’s executive producer, Darryl Anderson, is a former news reporter at Channel Ten News and previously a senior reporter and producer for Australia’s popular rural affairs program, ‘Cross Country’. As an experienced television journalist, Darryl understands the exceptional format of the documentary.

How to produce a professional DVD

A corporate video production team that features experienced journalists is primed for the documentary format. We can approach your corporate DVD production in 2 ways:

  • as a journalist—shoot first, script later, best used under tight timings
  • as a filmmaker—script first, shoot later, when timings are flexible, although spontaneity is limited.

Documentaries rely heavily on journalism and reporting devices, such as interviews, narration, stock footage, and scientific infographics

Our documentary video production specialists confidently use these audio-visual production tools to guide your target audience through the fascinating story of your cause, work or brand.

5 types of documentaries

Drawing on our strong experience in broadcast journalism, our professional video producers will guide you in the right style of documentary to achieve your strategic objectives.

Do you want to:

  • generate exposure for a social-justice cause?
  • educate your customers about a position held by your company through a documentary that acts like an educational video?
  • inform the public about an environmental or agricultural threat through a factual audio-visual production?
  • tell your shareholders the story of your company’s rise to success in a corporate DVD that follows the documentary format?
  • entertain viewers with a re-enactment of an event through a ‘mockumentary’ that plays on Australia’s mischievous sense of humour?

A documentary could be the right avenue for you.

The 5 principal documentary styles are:

  • ‘pure’ documentaries—draw on the specialised devices of journalism
  • creative documentaries—position a real subject from the viewpoint of the video producer
  • ‘mockumentaries’—an entertaining and irreverent take on the documentary format
  • docudramas—leverage real-life characters to re-enact the event
  • expository documentaries—use narration to instruct the viewer in an authoritative tone.

Documentary techniques

Our documentary video producers create films that align with your strategic objectives, using classic techniques such as:

  • stock footage of historical events—cuts your costs by authentically working historical scenes into your audio-visual production
  • real-time filming or re-creations of events
  • narration and voiceover—educates shareholders and the public about a position that your company holds
  • interviews with real-life subjects.

The documentary is an intriguing and engrossing video format that is rising in popularity among mainstream audiences.

As a non-fiction treatment, it can position you as an authority on your subject, engaging your viewers in a detailed or personal subject.

Contact us on 1300 768 101 (local call rate) or  to discuss how Anvil Media’s documentary expertise will help your business make a great impression.

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