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Custom Series

Strengthen relationships through custom video series

Custom video series help organisations that regularly communicate wide-ranging topics to a large, geographically diverse audience.

No doubt your audience has interesting and engaging stories to tell. Establish and maintain rapport with a large audience by presenting interesting and engaging video content.

Anvil Media’s expertise in producing professional custom series videos will:

  • build and sustain a ‘buzz’ around your brand
  • communicate important messages
  • demonstrate your organisation’s value to stakeholders
  • fulfil a responsibility to actively communicate with stakeholders on a regular basis.

Custom series videos are developed as a series of short stories, distributed on a regular basis. Like a regular TV show. Each instalment reinforces your company brand as an authority and a credible source of knowledge.

How to use online video web series

Use custom video series to:

  • build loyalty
  • educate your audience
  • persuade people take some sort of action
  • demonstrate how your products or services are a natural fit with your audience’s needs.

Custom series videos are a great way to make this happen. For the audience, it’s just like watching a TV show about something that interests them.

With interesting visual images, compelling stories, informative graphics, and other creative elements, high quality video professionally produced by Anvil Media will build engagement with your audience.

Your custom series can be distributed on DVD or online (through your corporate website, social media page, or video sharing channel, such as YouTube).

Benefit from our expertise in custom series videos

Anvil Media are the experts in developing creative concepts, identifying great storylines, writing video scripts, and shooting great videos. We know how to hook your audience’s attention and keep them looking forward to the next edition.

Contact us on 1300 768 101 (local call rate) or  to discuss how Anvil Media’s custom series videos will help your business make a great impression.

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