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Imagine being able to speak to your target audience even when they’re occupied with another task. When they’re driving the car. Or the tractor. When they’re home. Or at work. And even before they get up in the morning.

Radio promotions achieve an extraordinary level of connectedness with your audience during the ordinary moments of their day. Audio CDs and podcasts extend the aural relationship to strategic communication functions that range from education and training, to soft brand awareness.

Our corporate media producers at Anvil Media deliver radio advertisements – and broadcast-quality media like TV commercials and promotional videos – that emotionally move your audience to where you want them to be.

9 ways to use audio

At the hands of our promotional audio-visual production team, you will receive successful aural productions in a range of formats that include:

  • radio commercials
  • radio features
  • radio programs
  • radio publicity campaigns
  • broadcast-quality audio news releases
  • corporate audio pieces
  • product and promotional CDs
  • podcasts for websites
  • foreign-language audio-visual productions.

Starting with your strategic objectives and a media plan that targets your core demographic, we create audio promotions that nail your message and cut straight through to your target audience.

5 steps to producing a radio advertisement

Creating a successful audio production starts with the right strategy.

We can produce an incredibly entertaining and engaging radio advertisement, but it’s only with the right media plan – identifying the optimum radio station, target demographic and time slot – that your audio promotion on the air will really take flight.

The 5 steps to producing an effective radio advertisement or audio promotion are:

  1. Establishing your communication objective: what do you want to achieve when you connect with your audience?
  2. Deciding on the best-suited execution: a radio commercial? Radio program? Corporate audio production?
  3. Researching: the most effective way to start a corporate audio production is with thorough research and planning
  4. Writing the script: a 30-second radio advertisement with voiceover, sound effects and music requires a tightly scripted approach
  5. Cutting it: your audio production finally takes shape in the editing suite, where it is cut and formatted for its unique place and purpose, whether that’s AM or FM radio, a public address system, a car stereo or a web podcast.

Radio: where form is function

Formatting a broadcast piece such as an audio production and TV commercial is closely linked to the function of the piece.

Our audio and visual production team uniquely tailors your audio piece to the way your audience will hear it.

Did you know that:

  1. AM and FM radio have different technical deliveries, audiences and styles?
  2. internet streaming media delivery is vastly different to a corporate audio production played over a public address system?
  3. your final audio formats could come in CD, .wav or audio-tape variations?

With sophisticated editing systems, our corporate audio producers cross-match the format of your audio production to the strategic objectives of your brief, making sure that you get the outcome you need. Holistically, across strategic and creative levels, our approach is inherently ‘sound’.

Contact us on 1300 768 101 (local call rate) or  to discuss how Anvil Media’s audio production expertise will help your business make a great impression.

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