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Animation Videos

Make use of the flexibility animation videos can offer

Organisations and businesses use animation videos as a platform to engage, inform and connect with their audiences.

With the stronger uptake of social media, animation videos have become more mainstream in Australian corporate business.

At Anvil Media, we have extensive capability in animation video techniques:

  • customised infographics
  • kinetic typography (type animated to demonstrate meaning)
  • illustrations
  • image treatment
  • cartoons and character animation
  • digital animation
  • motion graphics.

Watch our recent animated videos

Discover why animations are so effective

Complex concepts are much easier to communicate using animation or graphics than with using live action.

Sometimes, it’s effective to combine film with animation or graphics to get your point across quickly.

An advantage of animation videos over other types of video is that there is a lower cost barrier than a video that requires filming, which might include fixed costs associated with film crews and getting on location.

An animation video production can often get underway much faster, as the need to arrange crews and locations is eliminated.

The team at Anvil Media is quick to grasp the concepts you wish to convey and develop a creative way to express them.

Read our client’s story

We produced a professional animated video for an Australian Government agency in a very short timeframe for an international audience.

If you are considering an animation video to promote your product or service, contact us on 1300 768 101 (local call rate) or to discuss your video ideas.

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