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Health & Medical

Anvil Media brings strong, responsible messages to life through corporate audio-visual productions for the medical and health care sectors.

National medical organisations come to us for audio-visual solutions in the areas of metropolitan and regional health, dental health, mental health, aged care, disease control, diet and nutrition, fundraising, research, and pharmaceutical brand marketing.

We deliver diverse audio-visual productions

Anvil Media can work with you to produce:

Read our client’s story

We produced an animated explainer video for the Australian Government National Blood Authority in a very short timeframe for an international audience.

4 tips for a healthier communication strategy

For our video producers at Anvil Media, the strategy behind your audio-visual production informs the creative process. We nut out your video strategy. Well before we enter the studio.

This approach is paramount in the health and medical industry, where our media solutions directly impact public health and safety outcomes.

In defining your strategy, we consider:

  • target audience—metropolitan or regional market? A fraternity of doctors educated in medical terminology, or the general public who need to hear it in plain English?
  • distribution channel—metropolitan TV? Rural radio? A captive audience at a conference?
  • call to action—where should your audience go next? A clinic or hospital? A hotline? A website?
  • key message—an important national broadcast that calls for an authoritative narrative? A corporate branding exercise where our audio-visual producers need to make a compelling emotional connection?

This information will determine the best approach to take with your audio-visual production.

How to get started

Read our advice on how to prepare a video production brief to help you get started on your next video project.

Contact us on 1300 768 101 (local call rate) or to discuss how Anvil Media’s expertise in medical and health care videos will help your organisation make a great impression.

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