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How to manage your visual data assets

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Articles, Videos | 0 comments

When asked to provide a specific company-owned video or image, do you remember exactly where it’s stored? Is it the latest version? Is it unusable due to outdated corporate branding? It can be really time-consuming trying to locate visual assets. And it’s highly frustrating and potentially costly if you can’t locate them. Many organisations have a huge volume of video and photographic assets stored in a variety of formats, across different server locations. This often means that those assets are greatly under-utilised, or that old videos and images are mistakenly used. How we can help Having a well-organised library of your organisation’s video footage and photos is a highly valuable asset. You can use Anvil Media’s dedicated storage and archive facility to help manage your company’s visual assets. Known affectionately as ‘DAVE’, our Data and Video Engine will securely and...

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