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Why TV and radio ads need different scripts

Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in Articles, TV Commercial Articles | Comments Off on Why TV and radio ads need different scripts

When we delivered a television commercial and radio advertisement for a client’s PR campaign, they were surprised to learn how different the scripts were. The ads were part of an integrated community awareness campaign being run by the Greater Hume Shire Council on behalf of 33 partner agencies. Weeds cost Australia more than $4 billion each year in lost primary production. The Red Guide Post initiative was launched in 2014 to help identify roadside weeds to avoid sites of known noxious weeds being slashed or graded and spread. The launch campaign included 4 weeks of TV and radio advertising supported by fact sheets, windscreen stickers, presentation materials, maps, a field day banner and media releases. Paula Bosse from the Greater Hume Shire approached Anvil Media to produce the Red Guide Posts TV commercial based on two previous animated commercials...

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Corporate video helps to win new contracts

Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Articles, Corporate Videos Articles, TV Commercial Articles | Comments Off on Corporate video helps to win new contracts

When a family-owned business in Queensland, Crest Electronics, wanted to make a corporate video, it selected Anvil Media based on the strength of its existing work. Dirk Olbertz, one of the company’s directors, recalled the decision process. ‘When I was looking to put the video together, I googled “corporate video production” and spent about half a day looking at all different websites,’ Dirk said. ‘I liked the Primo (Smallgoods) corporate video that you did. It really appealed to me. And when I spoke to the lads (at Anvil Media) about putting our video together, I said, “I just want to emulate what you did with Primo”, and they did.’ Crest Electronics regularly makes presentations to potential clients and partners, and Dirk explained that they wanted an audio-visual presentation that would quickly convey the depth of the business. ‘Everyone’s doing...

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