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About Us

Award-winning audio-visual productions

We are an award-winning audio-visual production agency that delivers smart, strategic communication solutions through corporate videos, TV commercials, radio commercials, interactive DVDs, videos streamed for the web and print marketing.

Big brands trust us.Agricultural giants like working with us.

The health, education and public sectors call on us to produce simple solutions for complex subjects.

Our approach is to get clear on your strategy before we get creative in the production studio.

At Anvil Media, our role is similar to the “anvil” at the hand of a blacksmith or a jeweller: it’s our job to create a useful and beautiful solution for you.

We mould integrated communications solutions through a rigorous process of strategic planning, creative-concept development and polished technical execution.

In our work, we bring together a rich lateral understanding of metropolitan and rural audiences to deliver audio-visual productions that are culturally sensitive, smart and “sustainable” towards your bottom line, your brand and Australia’s natural resources.

Our head office is in Sydney and we have a local presence in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra.But our audio-visual productions take us beyond the capital cities to the communities, farms, and landscapes of remote and regional Australia.

Our corporate video production services include:

  1. Researching
  2. Writing
  3. Producing
  4. Presenting
  5. Directing.
  1. Filming
  2. Recording
  3. Designing
  4. Editing
  5. Formatting.


Which awards?

Our body of award-winning work includes:

  1. 2008 Summit Creative Award – “It all started with an egg”
  2. 2007 Gold Aurora Award – “It all started with an egg”
  3. 2007 Gold Aurora Award – “Jeminex: Onwards & Upwards”
  4. 2007 Summit Creative Award – “Coastcare CSA”
  5. 2008 Bronze Summit International Award – ”Water Down Under”
  6. 2006 AVPA Award – “Wipe-out Plus 1 & 2”
  7. 2001 Summit Creative Award – 4ICSC video
  8. 2002 Summit Creative Award – “The Australia Cotton Story”


Country is more than a place

Our understanding of Australia’s rural culture has intelligently shaped the culture of our business.

At Anvil Media, we are a collaboration of filmmakers, producers, directors, editors and journalists who gathered our experience in TV networks and newsrooms across regional and metropolitan Australia.

And it’s our combined regional experience that makes our approach to business special.

It means we’re:

  • Easy to deal with
  • Down-to-earth
  • A bit mischievous
    with our humour
  • Straight-talking
  • Transparent
  • Fair
  • Focused on the
    local community
  • Collaborative.
  • Resourceful
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Intelligent
  • Passionate

It’s a code of business we’re proud to identify with. Contact us today on 1300 768 101 to learn more about our expertise in corporate video productions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia wide. 

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